Oh my sad and neglected blog! I promise to update you soon and do MUCH better about showing you some TLC. In the meantime, the fan page has been regularly updated during the summer and fall! Head on over to check out all the beautiful people I’ve had the chance to meet! ;)


I met her mama a while ago and it was instant love. First because she is such a sweetheart and a very, very close second because they make the absolute BEST cupcakes and sugar cookies in town! And if it has sugar in it I’m a fan and if you are too you must try Temptation Cupcakes! :D So when I found out she was having a baby girl I knew that Hearten would be the perfect Princess for a Princess and the Pea photo shoot! And she was! She has the most delicate little lashes that I was so beyond thrilled that I was able to capture.

Plus even though the rest of us were literally dripping sweat (gross I know!) outside in the park her sweet little personality made it a breeze! And holy cow, did she slide into the poses easily! This is my quickest newborn shoot to date, she was just such a great sleeper and no fussing! Love her and LOVED snuggling her! So here is the little Princess Hearten!

Have an amazing 4th of July weekend!!