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Have an amazing 4th of July weekend!!

July 1st, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday

February 7th, 2011

So even though his mama and dad were sporting black and gold for the Steelers I let Ajax choose which team he wanted to support. He chose green and yellow. And then he did a victory dance. It’s depressing that my dog chose the winning team…

But even though he’s a traitor to the Steelers how can I be mad at this face???
And please, please look away from the messy sink in the background. That’s what ya get when you’re right about to move and only have 2 plates, cups, bowls, forks and 2 pans; dishes that need to be washed over and over and over again!!

Sick and hating it

January 24th, 2011

So I’m sick and I’m NOT a fan! The only positive thing about having influenza is that the HUGE amount of time you spend laying down can at least be used to blog surf cute ideas. I saw this one a few weeks ago and I loved it! Here is my finished product and I hope upon everything that we’re in our new house before Valentine’s Day so I can put it up. Cause right now it’s looking a little foolish and lonely sitting on a shelf surrounded by boxes! :D

I downloaded the clipart for free on this blog, one of my favorite craft blogs by the way, and I printed it from my lab but you could do it at Inkley’s or even Sam’s Club because she had her’s printed at Costco I believe. I printed mine as an 11×14 instead of the 16×20 because I already had a frame that it would fit and 11×14. Really cheap, easy and Cute! :D