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May 10th, 2011

Oh poor blog. You’ve been neglected! But spring weather is slowly peeking out and that means I won’t have to keep rescheduling my sessions! Like this beauty, who we had to reschedule at least twice because of the weather and ALMOST again the day of but we braved it out and it was worth it! We had lovely overcast weather and got some killer shots of Brooke!

I’m so glad that we were finally able to meet up for pictures! I had such a fun time with you, even though your eye was hurting you had such a great attitude!! I’m way excited to hear about your schooling and I know that you’re going to do amazing things!! :D


November 22nd, 2010

She has a quietness that I found so unique. She observed everything I did and was able to mimic my poses exactly but added in the little something extra that I didn’t know was missing from the pose until I saw her do it. I loved her piercing eyes and how they connected with the camera in a way that I didn’t need to enhance her eye color in the slightest. I loved seeing the relationship she had with her brother and mom who came along. She’d laugh at her brother and we’d get winning smiles and then she’d speak the gorgeous language of Portuguese to her mother and it’d pull this beautiful and soft looks from her.  She was my last sunny session and I think it was fitting.

Beatriz, I’m SO glad I got to meet you and take your pictures! You are such a beautiful girl!!


November 16th, 2010

This is my awesome camera assistant! He’s been able to help me with TWO sessions and LOVE him! It was so much fun showing him what each lens does and having him ask me what this and that was. He was a pro at making both of his sisters laugh and then quick as that he’d pull killer serious faces from them. And on top of all that he’s in Crimson Colony and I was in Crimson Colony!!
You have such a good eye, I hope you continue with photography! You were so easy to direct into poses and I’m so grateful for the amount of trust you put in me!! If Scott’s ever unable to come with my to my sessions I’m totally gonna call you to be my assistant! :D