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July 7th, 2011

I met her mama a while ago and it was instant love. First because she is such a sweetheart and a very, very close second because they make the absolute BEST cupcakes and sugar cookies in town! And if it has sugar in it I’m a fan and if you are too you must try Temptation Cupcakes! :D So when I found out she was having a baby girl I knew that Hearten would be the perfect Princess for a Princess and the Pea photo shoot! And she was! She has the most delicate little lashes that I was so beyond thrilled that I was able to capture.

Plus even though the rest of us were literally dripping sweat (gross I know!) outside in the park her sweet little personality made it a breeze! And holy cow, did she slide into the poses easily! This is my quickest newborn shoot to date, she was just such a great sleeper and no fussing! Love her and LOVED snuggling her! So here is the little Princess Hearten!

Averi Elle

January 15th, 2011

I got up early, so early that it was still dark. At first I told myself that it was because I wanted to make sure we got on the road in time so the light would still be nice and bright. But really, I was just excited. First because I love, absolutely LOVE road trips! And we were heading out to Park City. And secondly because I was going on this road trip to see a brand new baby girl! We knocked on the door, was greeted by mom and stepped right into Miami weather! I had told her to crank that heat up and crank it high so little Averi didn’t get cold. It was perfect.
Everytime I do a newborn shoot I’m surprised by how little they are. They fit so perfectly in your arms and their heads are so small you can cradle them in your hands. And Averi was no exception. Tiny but already with a sweet personality. She didn’t fuss or complain when we kept swapping her hats and headbands. She didn’t cry when we changed her clothing. She was just totally content to curl right up, go to sleep and let me mold her into position. I think I caught something while I was there though. It’s just a little something but something is definitely there…could it be baby hunger?? :D


December 22nd, 2010

Bliss has a very special story from the beginning, she is named after a very special woman after all. Her middle name is Emma, the name of her mother’s Grandma who passed away in February. Bliss’s arrival came much earlier than she was expected. I like to think Grandma just couldn’t wait to send her down to earth to give her granddaughter, that she was so close to, her favorite Christmas present ever. After hearing Bliss’s story I 100% believe that Grandma knew you needed her!
Nicole & Dave,
You guys are so sweet with Bliss and I loved watching you with her. Bliss is such a darling baby and I’m so so excited to see her grow up! :D I know you guys are going to be such amazing parents and I know that Grandma is watching over your whole family with a great big smile on her face!