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Pretty Princess

May 31st, 2011

I can admit it, my favorite images have fairytale themes in them. I grew up loving princesses in huge ballgowns and dragons that captured them but when all seemed lost the handsome prince saved her and carried her off into a distant land with a gleaming white castle, Happily Ever After. The only 3 words that rival my all time favorite 3 words. Sometimes I get these images in my head and they swim there, keeping me up at night, until I get them planned out and photographed. So when I had the idea of a dark princess I knew the perfect girl for it. Tyler. She claims that she hates having her picture taken but how can she hate it when the camera loves HER so much?!? ;P She was a natural and even while playing the damsel in distress she ended up being my knight in shining amour…chasing a snake away from me!! And so she gets my 3 favorite words, I LOVE YOU!!