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September 17th, 2010

I SO behind on posting on here but I have a new resolve that I’ll be caught up totally with all my blog post, edits and CDs sent out within the next 2 weeks!  Ah, the joys of cramming in all my clients that had booked me before my knee surgery! And as Cache Valley people know…we’re on a deadline because ya never know when the snow will hit us! :D Even though she’s a more recent session I’m in the middle of editing her session and had to post these!

Kirsten is one the cutest seniors ever! The fact that she’s a LHS Grizzly just sweetens the deal (I gotta show some love for my former high school! haha) She was up for everything I mentioned and let’s just say I was very relieved that she doesn’t have a fear of balloons. :) Not only is she stunning but she’s a sweet girl too.

When I booked her I asked my brother, who is in the same grade at their school together, about her and he said that everyone at school likes her because she’s nice to everyone. I just love that about her and I think it makes her an even more beautiful young lady! Plus she’s a changing pro, how many girls do you know that can pull off changing into TWO formal dresses in their car?

Kirsten, I just know that you’re going to have great things happen for you! Good luck with Cosmetology School, with your cute personality you’re going to have a huge clientele. You are an absolute doll and I’m already looking forward to our next shoot together!