Behind the Lens

Photo Credit: Brooke Snow

Welcome to Memories in Raw! I’m so thrilled you stopped by!

I have always enjoyed art but sadly discovered at a very early age that my drawing skills amounted to stick figures with curly scribbles for hair! I did dance but that went out the window when I broke my knee playing basketball. So I focused on singing but became aware that acute stage fright is counterproductive to a singing career. I thought I was destined to just enjoy the talents of others from the sidelines until my husband bought me my first nice DSLR.

At first I shot pictures of our two adorable {fur}babies. A lot of pictures of the {fur} babies. Then I graduated to taking pictures of another love, THE love of my life, Scott. I thought, “Finally, I can contribute something of artistic value to the world!” Since then I’ve devoured everything I learned about photography and along the way I discovered something else I enjoyed.

I really enjoyed seeing how families interacted with each other. It was wonderful being able to snap that secret grin between parents while their kids were running around. I had immense happiness when parents told me I had really caught their child’s personality. But the thing I craved the most was being able to capture and preserve moments that later become treasured memories!

When it comes to your session, my biggest goal is to have you first, enjoy your time with me while we create the images we envision and second, that you ADORE the images we’ve created together!

With Love, Leslie

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