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Clap if you believe in fairies!!

July 1st, 2011

I hadn’t worked out the day of Hailey’s session but after chasing this fairy all around the huge park I felt like I had! She kept me on my toes for sure with how curious she was about everything! :D We played hide and seek in the tall grass, read every sign in the park and screamed every time we saw a bug, which I obviously didn’t do such a great job chasing them away from me because I got completely eaten by mosquitoes!! Hailey and I talked about her good friend, Tinkerbell, and she showed me how she could fly and in between all those activities she let me get in a few pictures and I had SUCH a hard time narrowing them for a sneak peek!! So these are my favorites and I hope they’re yours too! ;)

Winter Wonderland

December 9th, 2010

I remember when I was growing up my brothers and I anxiously awaited the first snowfall. We’d pile on our heavy coats and snow boots and race out to the backyard with my mom trailing behind us with the scarves and gloves that we’d forgotten in our haste. There was so much to be done, snowball fights to be won, snow forts to be built, snowmen and women to be married, guess who came up with that game…those are some of my favorite childhood memories.

Somewhere along the road of growing up I lost the excitement and joy of the snow. It became a car that needed to be shoveled off in the early and freezing morning, icy sidewalks that I slipped on and the gross slush that ruined my boots! But I’m happy to say that after watching these cute girls play in the snow and even getting in on the action a bit…oh yeah! I totally got owned by these two in a snowball fight! I feel a small bit of my childhood wonder of the snow returning! :D

By the way, I solemnly swear that I didn’t edit her eyes to be this vibrant of blue. They really are this gorgeous in person!


October 29th, 2010

Grace Marie, Grace Marie…what a busy bee you are! :D Gracie was my Cinderella and what a curious little girl she is! Half the pictures I got were of her looking around or running to investigate something, like the whereabouts of the wild bunny that she and I spent a good 15 minutes trying to catch in the beginning. BUT the other half of the pictures I got were gold! I love her stare with those deep eyes of her’s and I absolutely adore her giggling! She, on the other hand, loved the dress and gloves and thanked me many times for her “new pretty dress and new gloves”. After trying to explain to her they were just rentals I finally just nodded and said, “You’re welcome sweetie.” Thankfully she forgot all about the dress when I promised her ice cream after the pictures were over! haha

And just a few for Melinda. Thanks for letting me have her for the whole afternoon! :D