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Matt, Jessie & Family; Take one

May 26th, 2010

So ugh…I am officially over this weather we’ve been having! I am tired of wearing sweaters when I should be sweating in a short sleeved shirt, tired of wanting hot chocolate instead of ice cold Diet Coke, tired of me doing cute hair and then in a quick run from my car into a store the blasted rain has my hair that took me 30 minutes to curl now looks like a drowned rat! Mostly though, I’m tired of rescheduling my photo sessions! I want to see your wonderful faces! Ok, vent over!
The weather forecast was great until the morning of this shoot and then it was gray skies but still warm. About an hour from the session the rain decided to come. Jessie still wanted to brave it out so I threw on the thinking cap real quick and grabbed a big umbrella I had and we set up shop in this field. Great idea until the rain started coming at them sideways so we headed to an abandoned building I love and we got a few more shots until it just got to dang cold. We had to call it a day but one that sun makes a more permanent appearance we’ll be going back out again to get the rest of the shots!

Brittany & Jon

May 21st, 2010

I absolutely adore doing children sessions (they’re my true favorite actually!) but I’ve been sneaking in a few couple sessions here and there and every single time I say to myself after wards that couples are my favorites.
It’s so easy to direct them and capture the romance that they all so effortlessly exude! Ah, I love love. This couple was so great to work with. They were one of the models at a workshop I took and every single pose I put them in they totally nailed it, giving me exactly what I had in mind.
Children, you’re gonna have to up your game and turn that cuteness on extra high so the couples don’t take your spot in my heart! :D

Taken at a Brooke Snow workshop


May 19th, 2010

Miss Adrie Mae just had her blessing day set for June so she needed some new pictures to go along with the Blessing Invitations. She was all smiles and sat up SO well! She’s 5 months old but she’s been sitting with little help for a month. We piled some boppy pillows behind her and that was all the help she needed. So not only was I impressed with her being able to sit up so well but her eyes too! I will totally raise my hand and swear under oath that I didn’t do any editing to enhance her eye color! In some of the pictures I actually had to tone them down a bit because they photographed so brilliant and you’d all accuse me of over editing her eyes! haha