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January 17th, 2010

Parker is a ham. Pure and simple. And I ADORE it! We had to time this session just right and it turned out that it was pretty spur of the moment. Let’s just say that Parker is accident prone (some would argue that he’s just a little boy) and so we had to wait until bruises and scrapes were healed but before he got new ones! Out of all the pictures I took the one of him with the truck is my favorite because it’s exactly his personality. For reference, he’s doing Jazz Hands! haha


January 4th, 2010

I’m totally cheating on this since I didn’t take the picture. This is my brother who is on an LDS mission in the West Indies. Don’t worry, I didn’t know exactly where it was either. I had to grab the globe. To give you a hint though…it’s where The Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed! Gorgeous tropical weather, warm sandy beaches, lush green foliage. And it’s an English speaking mission. Sounds like a real trial huh? He’s been out almost a year and good grief I miss him! As much as I miss him I’m a million times more proud of him that he put his life on hold for 2 years in order to do something that was important to him!

I did however take this one!