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Sick and hating it

January 24th, 2011

So I’m sick and I’m NOT a fan! The only positive thing about having influenza is that the HUGE amount of time you spend laying down can at least be used to blog surf cute ideas. I saw this one a few weeks ago and I loved it! Here is my finished product and I hope upon everything that we’re in our new house before Valentine’s Day so I can put it up. Cause right now it’s looking a little foolish and lonely sitting on a shelf surrounded by boxes! :D

I downloaded the clipart for free on this blog, one of my favorite craft blogs by the way, and I printed it from my lab but you could do it at Inkley’s or even Sam’s Club because she had her’s printed at Costco I believe. I printed mine as an 11×14 instead of the 16×20 because I already had a frame that it would fit and 11×14. Really cheap, easy and Cute! :D

Averi Elle

January 15th, 2011

I got up early, so early that it was still dark. At first I told myself that it was because I wanted to make sure we got on the road in time so the light would still be nice and bright. But really, I was just excited. First because I love, absolutely LOVE road trips! And we were heading out to Park City. And secondly because I was going on this road trip to see a brand new baby girl! We knocked on the door, was greeted by mom and stepped right into Miami weather! I had told her to crank that heat up and crank it high so little Averi didn’t get cold. It was perfect.
Everytime I do a newborn shoot I’m surprised by how little they are. They fit so perfectly in your arms and their heads are so small you can cradle them in your hands. And Averi was no exception. Tiny but already with a sweet personality. She didn’t fuss or complain when we kept swapping her hats and headbands. She didn’t cry when we changed her clothing. She was just totally content to curl right up, go to sleep and let me mold her into position. I think I caught something while I was there though. It’s just a little something but something is definitely there…could it be baby hunger?? :D


January 10th, 2011

Who else is anxious for winter to be over? I’m anxious to see green grass instead of the gray mush that soaks the hem of my pants. I’m anxious for dry heat instead of wind so cold it gets into my bones. I’m anxious to open my year again and start getting some photo session underway!! :D

Speaking of anxious…the other day my dog got diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and OCD. I didn’t even know that was possible…odds are I’m going to royally screw up my biological children considering that my dog is now on an anti-depressant. sigh. I really couldn’t make that up! Haha

On a side note, I started a photo a day project. If you’re interested in viewing it the address is and if you want to start one as well send me a link and I’ll follow you too! :D