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Tregan & Daxton

April 28th, 2010

Have you ever noticed that boys almost always seem to be luckier in the beauty department than girls? They’re the ones that have those super dark and curly eyelashes , shiny thick hair or in these boy’s cases…they have the best skin! I’m obsessed with skin because that’s what I meter off of and that’s what I touch up to give that creamy feel to. They have such amazing skin (color and everything) that my editing…can we say almost nonexistent??

We had to get pictures on this awesome tire but I must admit I was probably more stressed out than their mom! They had to climb up this dirt hill to get to it and I just KNEW they’d be absolutely filthy when they got back down and if you’re a wife or mom you know what I’m thinking! Grass and dirt stains! But they got down and they weren’t too bad! Thanks Michelle for letting them get up there! lol

I had to add this one because it’s so cute and funny! I told them to look at each other and laugh. Tregan didn’t hesitate one second before he opened his mouth real big but no sound came out! He just sat there and pretended to laugh! Which made me laugh for real!!


April 25th, 2010

This session had the most perfect lighting ever! I love when I hardly have to do any editing. Plus it doesn’t hurt to have such a photogenic little girl! She wasn’t too sure about the camera so I had to whip out the trusty stuffed puppy dog and then it was smooth sailing. Even though we didn’t get a lot of smiles from her my favorites actually turned out to be the ones where she’s not smiling because her pretty eyes are showcased!

Greg & Sarah

April 19th, 2010

I took these with Brooke Snow who has been teaching me so much about photography. This session was full of learning and laughter. From playing chicken in the road with the cars coming along to scorching our eyeballs from the bright, BRIGHT sun! They were game the entire time though. Plus, they were so at ease with each other that sometimes I didn’t even direct them into a pose and I’d get awesome pictures of Sara laughing at something Greg said or the way Greg looked at her with complete adoration! Loved them!