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Fashion Friday

April 16th, 2010

Remember that fight I mentioned over the color black? Black is my favorite color. My wardrobe consists of 50% black, 20% white, 10% gray, 10% brown and 10% other colors (reds, blues, greens, a yellow shirt that I keep holding onto because some day I’ll wear it, a few purples and pinks). Most of my shoes are black, same with my purses. I paint almost every bit of furniture that comes through my doors black. I even dyed my hair black after my wedding. What can I say? I love the color black. Scott on the other hand hates it. He thinks it’s depressing and he’s constantly harassing me to buy clothing in other colors. Plus, I think he’s secretly throwing out my black paint because lately I can never seem to find it!

So that makes this set my favorite! But to appease people who are like Scott and think black should be worn only for funerals and business interviews I added in pink, white and khaki colors. So this is my version of spring attire!

Fashion Friday

April 9th, 2010

Finally it’s getting warm enough that I can post shorts on here as an outfit suggestion! I’m new to the color green, well wearing it anyways, so I had a lot of fun coming up with this set. I like that it’s not a traditional set. Normally you see the guys in brown and the girls in green but I think brown is a very flattering color on most women. It’s a dark enough color that you get the slimming effect but it’s still light enough that you can see any fun details on it. Plus…sneaky, sneaky, you can see I added in my yellow accents. Love that yellow! If you’re shaking you head and saying, “Leslie we already talked about why I hate the color yellow!” you can switch it to gold or white, both of which you’ll find plenty of options in the spring and summer!

Fashion Friday

April 2nd, 2010

Nothing says Spring to me more than the color yellow! It’s kind of a sore subject for me though. I love the color yellow so much on other people and desperately wish I could wear it but I always end up looking sickly and inevitably people ask me if I’m feeling ok or if I had a really long night. BOO! So this set I’ll totally encourage to all of you guys because I wish I could wear it! Although maybe you’re in my same boat and can’t wear yellow or perhaps you hate yellow because it reminds you of that sawdust they use to cover throw up in Elementary School. (Wow, hadn’t thought about that for a bit…repressed memory?) You can always use yellow in your accessories like earrings or shoes or you can substitute yellow with orange and the blue will ground it ending up with a fabulous outfit!