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Johnson Family

May 17th, 2011

I’ve known them for almost 27 years. Seriously! I grew up in the same ward and our families have always been intertwined. They are one of the most giving families that I know! And one of the closest families. Enjoy this darling family! :D

Johnson Family,
Can I just tell you how impressed I’ve always been with your family! All your kids are kind and carry themselves so well. Maybe it’s silly but I really am so impressed by how they interact with people on their facebook pages, they’re not crude or inappropriate. I just adore them all! :D And Tracy and Troy, I’ve always thought you were one of the most generous couples. I know while my Dad and Troy were in the bishopric together, it wasn’t easy having my dad be gone so much and it couldn’t have been any easier for you guys! And lastly, Matt…you’re incredible! Thank you SO for your service four our country!!!

Thank you to my soldiers

January 3rd, 2011

I spent New Year’s Eve in the SLC airport. I cried too. Out of happiness and gratitude. The happiness part was due to us picking my brother up after he served a 2 year LDS mission in The West Indies. The gratitude part came from something I was able to witness.

A big group of people, young and old mixed together, came in with big poster boards and bundles of red, white, and blue balloons. They giggled and talked amongst themselves, I could hear the excitement in their voices. They were here to welcome their soldier home. I heard screams and there he was, luggage was dropped and replaced by bodies trying to hug him all at once. He took his wife in his arms and held her and their small son for what seemed like an eternity, just soaking up their presence. His little boy didn’t leave his arms after that. I sat and watched them and saw this image and it took my breath away. I was all stealth and took the picture, even though after I did go up and talk to him and I’ll be sending him this image and a few others that I took. Watching this homecoming stirred me in a way I haven’t felt in years. And I felt so much gratitude and wonder that we have so many amazing men and women willing to sacrifice time with their families and put their lives on hold while they defend our county, us, and me…someone they’ll never know.
It pains me wishing I could thank every single one of you personally but I do want to show my gratitude by doing this. I’ll be giving away 4 family sessions (immediate family) for free this year to military families.

Please spread the word to your friends or family that may be interested in this. You don’t have to like my fan page on facebook or leave a comment on the blog to qualify.

Winners will receive a free 60 minute family session (up to 6 people), as well as 25-30 edited images on a disc along with a personal print release and a personal online gallery so you can share your images with family and friends. I’ll be randomly picking 4 families on January 31st. You must live within 2 hours of travel time from Cache Valley (Logan) UT to qualify for the contest. Sessions will all need to be completed before the end of 2011.

How to enter into the contest:
Email me at with your name and where you or your family member has been stationed and a few things about them and your family. Those will be shared in a future blog post.

I’m so excited to do this and have the opportunity to meet a few of the incredibly brave and selfless people serving our country. Thank you. Thank you more than I can put into words!!

Mike & Billie’s Family

November 14th, 2010

It was a day of trials, the clouds grew heavy and dark as we drove to our location, it became so cold that poor Lauren had to wear her coat until the very last second before I pressed the shutter button and then we had not 1 but THREE photographers show up with their clients during our session as well! Thank heavens it was a big location and we all played nicely together. Even with all the problems we faced you’d never know it looking at their pictures! They were upbeat and Lauren & Tyler were more than willing to climb over dead branches and cement plus they even helped me find a rockin new location while we were waiting for the other photographer to finish with their session!! A very photogenic family, polite kids, and perfect clothing colors…ah I’ll face the biting cold weather for that any day! :D

Mike & Billie, I’m so glad that we were able to find a day for family pictures! You guys are such a darling family and I can’t believe how quickly the time flew by! I’m so excited for you guys to see the rest of your session, they’re looking amazing! :D

Billie, I had to add a 5th sneak peek because how perfect is this for your family…tires!! :D