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Matt & Jessie: Take Two

October 6th, 2010

We had a gorgeous session all planned out. The grass was vibrant and green. The sun shone. It was a perfect spring day. And then in typical Cache Valley Spring weather the clouds opened up and a rainstorm chased the sun away. We tried to make the best of it, a colorful umbrella was even used but in the end the weather won out and we canceled the shoot. Running to our separate cars trying to beat the downpour we shouted to each other that we’d try again. So this is our try again and the weather got my memo for a warm, sunny and DRY day! :D
It’s another session that I had a hard time picking which pictures to put up as a sneak peek. Their family pictures turned out great but there were so many Mommy & Daughter and Daddy & Daughter pictures that are so dang sweet that I can’t even wait for Matt & Jessie to see all of them! You don’t have to know them to feel the bond they have as a family and I loved being part of their family for the day!

Matt, Jessie & Family; Take one

May 26th, 2010

So ugh…I am officially over this weather we’ve been having! I am tired of wearing sweaters when I should be sweating in a short sleeved shirt, tired of wanting hot chocolate instead of ice cold Diet Coke, tired of me doing cute hair and then in a quick run from my car into a store the blasted rain has my hair that took me 30 minutes to curl now looks like a drowned rat! Mostly though, I’m tired of rescheduling my photo sessions! I want to see your wonderful faces! Ok, vent over!
The weather forecast was great until the morning of this shoot and then it was gray skies but still warm. About an hour from the session the rain decided to come. Jessie still wanted to brave it out so I threw on the thinking cap real quick and grabbed a big umbrella I had and we set up shop in this field. Great idea until the rain started coming at them sideways so we headed to an abandoned building I love and we got a few more shots until it just got to dang cold. We had to call it a day but one that sun makes a more permanent appearance we’ll be going back out again to get the rest of the shots!

Jenn & Steve

April 12th, 2010

What can I even say about these guys? That I was hysterically laughing the entire time? That Steve is such a goofball? That they’re adorable together? How about all of the above!