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LCPD K-9 Training

August 25th, 2010

I had the neatest opportunity last week! I got to photograph the Logan City Police K-9 training! It was so incredible seeing what these dogs are capable of. They showed how efficient they are at sniffing out drugs, oh yes…I got to see a demonstration! :D Speaking of demonstrations, they showed how these dogs apprehend people! I was surprised about something though. I’ve always heard that a police dog attacked people. After seeing them in action I can completely and honestly say that is so far from the truth. They were never out of control. It wasn’t at all a frenzied attack the way they’re sometimes portrayed.
I also learned about how they’re trained, a neat tidbit of info; their commands are given to them in dutch! As well as how they’re rewarded and even saw Endy give new meaning to the saying of taking something to new heights!

Bas was lightening fast!
It’s unreal seeing the speed and height these dogs get when they’re going after someone.
And this is where I get to be a total girl and squeal over them! Endy and Bas have such pretty markings but oh, this face! This is Jackson, their sole purpose dog.  I just wanted to force him to sit on my lap so I could love him! Haha.
I’m so thrilled that I was able to go to this! Loved this session and loved these dogs but I especially love the fact that this was my first full working session since my knee surgery! So guess what that means? You got it! I am now able to accept sessions other than newborns! So all the sessions I had to push back to the end of September I’ll actually be able to do them an entire month early. I am so so excited to get back into the swing of things again, I’ve missed it!

Flashing Lights

August 18th, 2010

I braved the 112 degree weather and went to VEGAS for a photography conference! When I first signed up for it I was stoked! As the event grew closer the realization of what I’d have to do sunk in. I’d have to go to these classes alone! Me and my notebook. ACK! What if the other photographers didn’t talk to me? What if they made fun of my camera? Worse, what if NOBODY sat next to me?? The anxiety was a million times worse than a new semester of high school when you worry that none of your friends will have the same lunch period and you’ll be that kid who eats in a bathroom stall! I admit it, as we pulled into Vegas I almost cried. But I took a few big gulps of air, walked in, found a seat, pulled my notebook out and turned to my left and made a new friend!

Without getting way too cheesy, this conference was exactly what I’ve been needing! It not only reignited my passion for this but completely cemented my desire to be a part of this industry! I can’t wait to implement some of the things I learned there. There are so very exciting new things that are going to go down here at Memories in Raw!The conference was held here: Home of the $3.00 pancake. True story.
Sigh, be still my heart! This is the man who willingly walked me to my first class of the 4 days. Yup, just like many of you guys do when your kids start kindergarten! :D
And here is the brave one that not only didn’t cry in her many classes but thoroughly enjoyed them instead!

Grace Marie

August 8th, 2010

This is Gracie Marie, Benjamin’s older sister. She is so so delightful! I’ve never met a little girl that has more personality! She had me laughing so hard that I started crying. No exaggeration! We didn’t end up getting many pictures because she was concentrating on what Ben was doing but I’m really excited for the rescheduled upcoming shoot that I have with her!
Don’t you just love her little face?!
And this is Grace with Allie. She loves Allie. So much that she insisted that the family didn’t need any pictures of Ben but they really needed pictures of Allie!
So of course, I complied! Haha