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Dust everywhere!

April 17th, 2010

Please excuse the mess of this sad little blog! We’re getting some exciting new things perfected before we roll them out! Check back soon!

For The Love of Mel

April 17th, 2010

Scott’s cousin Melanie was diagnosed with leukemia late last year. Melanie is honestly one of the sweetest people I know. In the 7 years I’ve known her I’ve never seen her greet someone without a smile. At family events you can always pick out where Mel is just by following the laughter. She is just a happy person and that alone makes her wonderful to be around. It’s not any wonder that the kids she teaches absolutely adore her!

Melanie has had to stay down in Salt Lake near her hospital in order to receive medical treatment. She is currently recovering from a stem-cell transplant. While she’s recovering she won’t be able to return to her teaching position for an undetermined amount of time. Modifications need to be made to her home for her safety since she can’t be around any mold. That along with the cost her medical bills from many months in the hospital and the amount of bills will be substantial. Her family and friends have put together a fundraiser to help with the cost of her treatment.

This community fundraiser will be held at the Hyde Park Civic Center on May 1st, 2010 from 8 AM until 4 PM. There will be a silent auction, bake sale, craft sale, and community yard sale.  To help with her cost I am donating one 60 minute photography sessions, valued at $150.00, for the silent auction. Please come out and support her! She truly is an amazing person!

Even if you don’t want to come and purchase anything but would like to contribute something, they are accepting donations of cash or items used for the bake sale, garage sale, and silent auction. You can drop them off the night before the Fundraiser at the Civic Center after 4pm. Or contact Cami about donating something for the silent auction.

If you’d like more information about Mel and her story her family does an wonderful job of keeping an updated blog about her!

Fashion Friday

April 16th, 2010

Remember that fight I mentioned over the color black? Black is my favorite color. My wardrobe consists of 50% black, 20% white, 10% gray, 10% brown and 10% other colors (reds, blues, greens, a yellow shirt that I keep holding onto because some day I’ll wear it, a few purples and pinks). Most of my shoes are black, same with my purses. I paint almost every bit of furniture that comes through my doors black. I even dyed my hair black after my wedding. What can I say? I love the color black. Scott on the other hand hates it. He thinks it’s depressing and he’s constantly harassing me to buy clothing in other colors. Plus, I think he’s secretly throwing out my black paint because lately I can never seem to find it!

So that makes this set my favorite! But to appease people who are like Scott and think black should be worn only for funerals and business interviews I added in pink, white and khaki colors. So this is my version of spring attire!