I met her mama a while ago and it was instant love. First because she is such a sweetheart and a very, very close second because they make the absolute BEST cupcakes and sugar cookies in town! And if it has sugar in it I’m a fan and if you are too you must try Temptation Cupcakes! :D So when I found out she was having a baby girl I knew that Hearten would be the perfect Princess for a Princess and the Pea photo shoot! And she was! She has the most delicate little lashes that I was so beyond thrilled that I was able to capture.

Plus even though the rest of us were literally dripping sweat (gross I know!) outside in the park her sweet little personality made it a breeze! And holy cow, did she slide into the poses easily! This is my quickest newborn shoot to date, she was just such a great sleeper and no fussing! Love her and LOVED snuggling her! So here is the little Princess Hearten!

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