Clap if you believe in fairies!!

I hadn’t worked out the day of Hailey’s session but after chasing this fairy all around the huge park I felt like I had! She kept me on my toes for sure with how curious she was about everything! :D We played hide and seek in the tall grass, read every sign in the park and screamed every time we saw a bug, which I obviously didn’t do such a great job chasing them away from me because I got completely eaten by mosquitoes!! Hailey and I talked about her good friend, Tinkerbell, and she showed me how she could fly and in between all those activities she let me get in a few pictures and I had SUCH a hard time narrowing them for a sneak peek!! So these are my favorites and I hope they’re yours too! ;)

Pretty Princess

I can admit it, my favorite images have fairytale themes in them. I grew up loving princesses in huge ballgowns and dragons that captured them but when all seemed lost the handsome prince saved her and carried her off into a distant land with a gleaming white castle, Happily Ever After. The only 3 words that rival my all time favorite 3 words. Sometimes I get these images in my head and they swim there, keeping me up at night, until I get them planned out and photographed. So when I had the idea of a dark princess I knew the perfect girl for it. Tyler. She claims that she hates having her picture taken but how can she hate it when the camera loves HER so much?!? ;P She was a natural and even while playing the damsel in distress she ended up being my knight in shining amour…chasing a snake away from me!! And so she gets my 3 favorite words, I LOVE YOU!!

Johnson Family

I’ve known them for almost 27 years. Seriously! I grew up in the same ward and our families have always been intertwined. They are one of the most giving families that I know! And one of the closest families. Enjoy this darling family! :D

Johnson Family,
Can I just tell you how impressed I’ve always been with your family! All your kids are kind and carry themselves so well. Maybe it’s silly but I really am so impressed by how they interact with people on their facebook pages, they’re not crude or inappropriate. I just adore them all! :D And Tracy and Troy, I’ve always thought you were one of the most generous couples. I know while my Dad and Troy were in the bishopric together, it wasn’t easy having my dad be gone so much and it couldn’t have been any easier for you guys! And lastly, Matt…you’re incredible! Thank you SO for your service four our country!!!