An end

I’ve been putting this off for over 6 months and going back and forth wondering if I’d change my mind but it hasn’t and I think it’s time. After an amazing 4 years of doing photography I’ve decided to stop. I’ve loved meeting each and every single client I’ve had and it’s been so enjoyable to be so readily included in many of their lives and families even after their session is over but I’ve been feeling burned out for a while. I’ve been feeling the creativeness slowly leave and I would never want to give someone a lack luster product so I painfully came to the conclusion that I need a break. Whether it’s a small break or a permanent break I can’t say.

I can say I don’t regret doing it at all though, I learned so many things. Like sticking with something even when it was so hard that I felt complete panic and just sat and cried to Scott that I couldn’t do it any longer. I went far out of my comfort zone attending classes and conferences alone but leaving with new friends. I met some incredible people that I love staying in touch with after our sessions and I even have a few families that I honestly feel as comfortable with as I do my own family.

I feel blessed in being able to have had that adventure and meet the amazing people I have. I also feel so blessed that I had so many people support me and encourage me in this endeavor. I honestly could NOT have done it without my parents and Scott. They have championed me through it all. They encouraged me to take the leap, supported me when I was struggling, cheered with me every session I booked and gushed over every photo. I can’t thank them enough!! For now I’m going to work on shooting for me again and learn to it all over again. I’ll still be shooting for family and close friends so I won’t get rusty but I’m excited to relearn to love it again and hopefully see a return of the creativity! Thank you SO SO much for allowing me into your lives! I adore every single one of you!!

Love, Leslie

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