Katie’s mom called me and asked if I could take Katie’s pictures with her harp before she got her new one. I was so excited from the minute when I heard that she was a harpist because that was something I wanted so badly at my wedding but we couldn’t find one. Boo!
This cute, CUTE, girl has been playing the harp for 4 years and she’s only 13! Give the girl some props! I was lucky enough to have Katie play for us while taking her pictures and it was wonderful! I think I’m going to start hiring her to come with me to all my sessions so I can shoot accompanied by that heavenly sound! :D
No, really I was so impressed by Katie’s talents and her sweet, easy to get along with, personality. And if anyone is like me and wants a harpist at their wedding…she’s available! If you’re looking for one give me a call or leave a comment and I’ll get you her phone number. You won’t be sorry, she plays absolutely beautifully! And let’s be honest…she looks beautiful too!

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